Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Last night, we went to a delicious Yunnan restaurant for dinner (food from southern China); because it's a popular place, Adam called to make a reservation in advance. However, the person at the restaurant didn't speak any English, and Adam handed the phone to me...and I had a successful phone conversation in Mandarin!!!! It obviously helped that to know the context (you know what questions you'll be asked when making a reservation), but it was still very exciting and I felt accomplished when hanging up :)

Side note: She kept asking for my name and I repeated Adam: "A as in apple, D as in dance" but she would cut me off and ask for my name again. Eventually, she said she wanted my Chinese name so I had to explain that I didn't have one. Apparently, I have a perfect accent...? I'll keep dreaming! When we got to the restaurant last night, she had written Adam as ATM. Haha!

We are having a great time with Mama and Papa and look forward to a weekend in Shanghai!

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