Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chinese gym style

West coast Americans really have bought into the concept of specialty gym clothes: apparel designed to wick away sweat, support you where you need it, dry quickly, etc etc. Like many Phoenicians, my family and I have become excercise divas of sorts: for example, since moving to China and exercising more than once a month again (yay for having a life!), I find myself carefully coordinating when I run to make sure that I can wear clean lululemon shorts and underarmour shirts on the treadmill. Otherwise, it's too uncomfortable (pathetic I know).

In China, things haven't progressed to that point. Yesterday, while Alison and I were "pumping iron," the man to our left was wearing black dress shoes, white socks, neon green MC Hammer pants, and a wifebeater tshirt, and the man to our right was wearing cowboy boots, black skinny jeans, faux gold chain necklaces shown on an unbuttoned dress shirt, and aviator sunglasses...complete with cigarette behind ear. I was chuckling to myself about their obvious lack of gym knowhow, when aviator man abruptly proceeded to bench press 100 kg and then sat up and lit his cigarette!

Moral of the story: I need to buy some cowboy boots to take my exercise regime to the next level...

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