Friday, March 25, 2011

Picture Update!

Here are a few pictures from the past few weeks...enjoy!

Chocojing (pairings of chocolate and beer--YUM!) with Sarah and her friend Andrew:

Making hand-pulled noodles with Janice:

Hilarious signage on Mt. Emei (near Chendgu, where we visited with Janice)
Clearly, grass is very important to these people.

A quick glance at the best part of my mornings...
(Ashley is in both of these pictures, but I just couldn't resist; Sarah (left) giggles nonstop when she's on that thing, and I thought Ashley and Simon sharing the little scooter was just adorable. And I want to take all 3 of this children home with me).

This week, I've been teaching the letter K. It has been quite relate-able, as there is at least one Kevin in every single we've been "counting Kevins." How many Kevins can YOU see?? (Don't forget "small Kevin" on the bottom right!)
Then we inevitably count Alisons. The kids had some trouble understanding how I could be in so many places at once, but the Chinese teacher helped explain. So cute!

We're supposed to have spring-like temperatures in the coming days, just in time for Mama and Papa! I hope everyone's enjoying spring back home!
(PS: A huge THANK YOU to Cathy and Herman's alma mater, U of A!!!! I love March!)

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