Monday, March 21, 2011

Internet, etc.

Not to keep harping on the same issue, but Internet has been insane the past few weeks. We have been rerouted from to everything from (Hong Kong) to (United Arab Emirates). Gchat has not been working, and with it, Google call, which was by far the best-timed tool Google could have come out with, right after we arrived in August. While Adam and I suspected it was just our crazy Internet or a VPN issue, we were validated upon reading this article about China meddling in Google's affairs. Thank you, New York Times!

In other news, the government turned off the heat across the northeast last week, so we're drinking delicious jasmine tea to stay warm on this chilly evening. We joined Sarah and her friend for ChocoJing, a night of Belgian beer and chocolate tastings; an unusual but awesome combination. One of my closest friends from college just took a job in New York, so we'll be neighbors once again! Carolina is in the Sweet 16 (!!!), Pitt lost (???), and the March Madness on Demand app is incredible.

Finally, along with the 5 or 6 children I plan to bring back to America (only a few...I don't want to look suspicious), Adam and I also decided on a pet:
He's quite cuddly, low-maintenance, and loves his bamboo! He's already preparing for the concrete jungle of 96th and Park (yes, we also have an apartment for next year!).

Our last visitors arrive on Saturday--Adam's maternal grandparents, Mama and Papa! While we're both super excited, it's also strange that they'll be our final visitors. Where has the time gone??

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