Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Yay for Chinese stereotypes!

Thanks to Alison's friend for sending us this link:

Now, it makes sense why everyone was so impressed when they asked about my Christmas plans and I told them I didn't celebrate the holiday because I was Jewish.

In other news, Alison and I went to pick up the engagement pictures today (1.5 hour trip each way) only to find that the studio was closed. We arrived 30 minutes before closing time, which I had confirmed via email twice. Bella answered her phone on the third call and said, "Oh, no one is at the studio, can you just come back tomorrow? At 5:30, not 6?" We were SO angry, but there's nothing we could have done. At least the Mexican place nearby had two-for-one margaritas during happy hour. Will post the pictures on Saturday, when we get them...

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