Friday, January 7, 2011

A Picture's Worth 1,000 Words...

We finally got THE pictures back!!!  We decided on a few favorites to share (this is "few" because we actually received all 263).

Pre-proposal (me: "this is a lot of fun!" Adam: "relax, relax, relax"):

The next few are pretty self-explanatory:
(The moment of realization: I looked at Bella, thinking "Is she in on this?!")

Celebrating :)

We're thinking of enlarging a few favorites but are having trouble narrowing the field beyond this; any suggestions?!


  1. I LOVE(!!!) the first picture of you guys in black and both look amazing!!!! That is my fav! I love all of the picts but I also love the one of you guys sitting down, looking at each other where you can see alison's ring

  2. AMAZING!!! Just like the both of you! Thank you for sharing. Congratulations again.

    (Great make up job too of Allison munching on you Adam. hahah. The picture looks identical to an hungry Siberian tiger that loves chicken.)

    Love you

  3. Absolutely lovely photos of the engagement!! Thanks for sharing, they are all amazing! So excited for you two. Love, Monica & Raymond

  4. yayyyyyy!!! So exciting! When are you two lovebirds back in NYC? We'll have to all go out to celebrate, and meet the respective fiancees!

  5. I think they are all great, but the first one is an out-of-this-world picture of the two of you. I am so excited for you two to come back! Ahab

  6. The pictures are so pretty! You guys look so great and so happy! ~Naomi

  7. LOVE the second to last one. Also, if you have digital prints, you can get really beautiful canvases made on snapfish for cheap -

  8. These are gorgeous! So glad you were able to capture the moment(s). No need to narrow down the field. Keep them all! Congrats!