Saturday, January 29, 2011


As Adam mentioned, one of my NY roommates, Kim, and her current roommate, Maisha, visited for a whole week! It was wonderful to have them here, and Adam and I are looking forward to [hopefully] visiting them in Guangzhou in May.

Kim and Maisha were avid tourists during the day, and I met up with them after work for some good eats. We met Sarah for pizza and beer, visited the delicious DaDong Duck (never fails to be incredible), enjoyed Spanish-style churros, and tried out the new bar/restaurant around the corner. YUM! Here are some pictures from the week:
Found on the wall at our neighborhood bar. AMAZING. (I only added the writing in white)
It was also great to have a friend from home here; while Adam is many things and I love him dearly, a girlfriend he is not. I do miss those relationships, and Kim came at the perfect time. While Adam was busy working, we had drinks, long dinners, and great conversation. This morning, we also skyped with our 3rd roommate, Liz, and it was a lot of fun to be "together" again.

I also wanted to share a few pictures of Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) decor. Students brought in candy and sweet notes on Friday, and for the past few weeks, they have brought home-made lanterns, which is the decoration of choice for this holiday.
This is the entry-way to the mall nearby:
Adam and I will be spending the holiday in LAOS; we leave Sunday night and return late on the 8th. I cannot wait for hiking, waterfalls, elephants, Buddhas, and everything else!! Chun jie kuai le! (Happy Spring Festival!)

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