Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I'm about to go to the airport for my trip to Portugal, and it's very surreal--we've known about this for months with the mindset of "wow, once Adam gets back from Portugal we're like done with China!" And now it's here, and the end of one of the best years of our lives is abruptly heading to a close.

Good thing we miss you guys something terribly and are SO EXCITED to see you or we may get depressed ;)

In terms of Lisbon, I'm less of the mentality that this is a vacation and view it instead as a work trip. So, while I'm definitely excited to sightsee a few days, I am really looking forward to wrapping up a few loose ends with Dr. Smith and presenting in another suit (you'll have to tell me which one looks better!). The best part is that I'm bringing Alison's camera so I can take some high-quality pics.

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