Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Adam's post earlier today warrants one response: DIC (Dude, It's China). This is basically what we've been saying nonstop lately, as he is quite ready to go home post-Portugal and we've had several DIC situations in the past week.

--The teacher who was going to replace me was scared off by my principal and quit before even coming to observe. The newest replacement has been observing this week and has been eating the school lunch with me and the rest of the teachers. Yesterday he decided to take his watermelon up to the teacher room instead of eating it at the table, which apparently warranted the principal's scolding me for him and telling me to pass along the information: one should not eat fruit outside of the dining area. DIC.

--Adam and I met our friends Erin and David at the (not-so) Affordable Art Beijing event on Saturday (the most affordable piece was a small painting of a donut for $50). Afterwards, Erin and I decided to get pedicures at a place advertising "Pedicures and Massage." She opted for both while I went for a pedicure only. After my nails had been cleaned and shaped, the guy left...and didn't return. We asked Erin's masseuse what about the color, and she laughed and said "oh, meiyou" ("don't have"). She then declined her toenail cleaning and when we went to the front to pay, we asked the manager about the sign behind her. She laughed and said "I don't know English! Tingbudong!" ( =I dont understand!). DIC.

--While Adam was in Portugal, I arranged a visit with our pearl friend, Lisa. I emailed Courtney and Jennifer (our sisters) to ask if they had any special requests that I could send to Lisa in advance. I then emailed Lisa pictures of what I would be looking for, and when we met, we decided on a few more things, and I planned return 4 days later to pick everything up. Fast forward 1.5 weeks...I emailed her last night to see if they'd be ready by the end of this week, and she just emailed saying that she has made 2 of the necklaces (out of probably 12), and if I like them, please let her know asap so she can make more. Then she added that she couldn't make one of them anymore because she cannot find the pieces. Argh. DIC.

--The smog is literally thick. It's gross. And then there are people smoking cigarettes. So which is worse--breathing in deadly pollutants from factories or from nicotine? DIC.

Positive DIC: we have been experimenting with produce for a while but haven't written about it. I continue to see new fruits at carts as the weather changes and have tried much of it. Here are some reviews: 

1. Bayberries (Sweet and then extremely tart with a big pit in the middle = thumbs down)
2. Lotus Root (Deeelicious! We have eating this often out at restaurants, but I recently  attempted somewhat successfully to cook it for the first time = thumbs up)
3. Longan "Dragon Eyeballs" (A lychee cousin and Adam's favorite fruit = thumbs up)
4. Lychee (love this in America, but it's not nearly as sweet or tender here = thumbs down)
5. Taro Root (Starchy, potato-like, easily peeled and dipped in sugar [at my school] to taste = thumbs up)
6. Durian (Sweet but extremely smelly with a strange, pudding-like texture = thumbs down)

While living here obviously has its ups and downs, we have definitely learned to just take things as they come and shrug most of it off. The dragon eyeballs and other good things help with this :)

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