Sunday, May 1, 2011


Unfortunately, Ben left for America last night (how did this year go by so quickly??), so on Friday night, we got together for a standard Chinese activity--KTV, or as we call it, karaoke! Adam and I have managed to avoid putting our incredible singing talent on display in China (so as not to make anyone feel bad, ya know?), so this was a first for us.

It began with music selections courtesy of Ben's friend (far right), and lots of liquid courage in the form of Korean sake and beer...and pineapple.
Isn't he adorable?!

In most KTV places, you rent a room by the hour so it's not like in American bars where you're singing in front of the whole crowd. This made it much more intimate and comfortable for sure! (There are actually several places like this in NYC, and I went a few years ago with my co-workers and had a blast!) Basically, someone would select several [random] songs and we passed around the microphones.
Someone picked a Justin Bieber number that Adam and I knew as "Blake and Victoria's Study Song" from the amaaaazing video they sent while procrastinating last fall. We just had to imitate their awesome dance moves:
And then we decided to step up and pick a few. One of our favorites from this year was Cee-Lo's "F* You," and apparently nobody else had ever heard of it because they were DYING when the lyrics came on and Adam and I pretty much knew every word. We couldn't stop laughing!
Then came my crowning moment: doing my kids' Christmas number, a wildly popular Korean song called "Nobody But You" (go figure). While I could only sing the chorus (the rest is in Korean), I did as much of the dance as I could remember...

I'll leave you with the original dance, as performed by the Baby International Class of YiXianGuoJi RYB Kindergarten, courtesy of Herman Lewkowitz:
It gets repetitive, so you can fast forward to the last 10 seconds of cuteness :)

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