Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! I wanted to let you how how Alison and I celebrated our Turkey day here, 1/2 a world away.

First, when I woke up, I took pictures of this beautiful money vault (that we will use as a candy jar). During the Cultural Revolution, it was punishable by death to have family heirlooms from pre-Communist China, so families shattered all their Ming and Qing dynasty vases and porcelain. This man, a jewelry designer by trade, collected the shards and turned them into other things. He's pretty legit--he was very honest about what was old, what dynasty it was from, and what was news. And if that weren't evidence enough, he had pictures of President Clinton and pre-surgery Chelsea up in his store.
The front of our box is the Chinese characters for double happiness, which is traditionally used for weddings (haha!).The back says something in ancient characters he couldn't read.Then I had a normal commute to CICAMS.
Isn't Beijing traffic delightful? This picture is from the pedestrian overpass I use to get from the bus to the hospital. Then, I surprised my colleagues with some pie. Here you can see the famous baggy that they serve your lunch in! And my tea concoction.

Then we met for dinner at the Rosenberg house. Here we are with Aunt Suzie, Stacy, Uncle Mike, and Courtney at fried chicken night.

Or not. As you can see from this picture with Kevin and Courtney, Alison's mom made huge blow-out pictures of us so we could be included on the family pictures!

What we actually did is go to our neighborhood American restaurant with Sarah, Esther, and Ben.The food was delicious...though, of course, my pumpkin pie was much better ;)

Hope everyone enjoys friends and family today. Miss you!

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  1. So glad you guys could make it for turkey day - what a quick trip across the pond for you! We missed you and I hope I get to celebrate with you stateside next year!