Wednesday, November 10, 2010

off to Yunnan...and cooking class

Tomorrow, Sarah and I are going to Yunnan Province to celebrate the 70th anniversary of a local hospital catering to tin mine workers (and see the Lung Cancer research site), participate in another study launch, do some sightseeing with Dr. Qiao, and give presentations to Chinese physicians. Sarah's is about medical education in the US, and mine is about healthcare in the US--which was actually really helpful to learn about, considering my complete lack of knowledge about the remuneration side of medicine (political side note: I still think all drs. should be paid by salary, but the only way for that to happen is to make med school cost less than $55,000/year).

A typical DIC (dude it's China) moment happened when we were n
otified 12 hours before our plane left that we will spend our flight sitting next to a journalist to be interviewed about god knows what...for three hours.

Another cool thing that happened--I did some "heavy editing" of my Fogarty twin's paper (she wrote a draft, which I rewrote), and they asked me be a co-author on that paper as well! It was submitted today.

Other than that, last Saturday, Aliro and I took a Uighur hand-pooled noodles cooking class at the Hutong and had a BLAST. And it was much easier than dumplings, so we'll definitely be able to cook it in the future. First, you make the dough and roll it...

(turkey gobble not included) and coil the rolls into a lollipop looking thing.
After making the sauce, you take the noodles and pull on them.You can get them to be really long (the Uigher people eat noodles that are 3 meters long sometimes!).
And then the best part?

Eating the dinner!

Side note: I have a new favorite dog: schnauzers, Chinese style. Here, people clip their hair... they look like...
DRAGONS! I want one.

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  1. Please bring home a dragon puppy for me too! Glad you guys got to go back to the Hutong. I hope there were other fun people in your class...