Monday, August 30, 2010

addendum to last post

China's just like med school--full of ups and down that happen so frequently that you feel insane.

As soon as I finished writing the previous post, Sarah and I were summoned to the director's office and found out that:

1) We are going to be interviewed tomorrow or Wednesday for a segment about on China's only English-speaking TV channel about our research. The segment will be about foreigners who come to China for educational purposes, and they want to talk to us because we're not here to learn Mandarin.

2) We have an option to teach students at PUMC about latin and greeks roots to help them learn English medical jargon easier. The course will be in the Spring. I'm really excited about this opportunity. It's going to be pretty cool to meet the best and brightest med students in China, and I love teaching so much. I know I'm "meant" to be a doctor, and am happy about it, but I always fantasize about my career as a teacher if I hadn't decided to accept enrollment at Sinai. Maybe incorporating teaching in medicine is in my future? Who knows.

So, yea, the morning/afternoon of today was pretty damn frustrating...but the day ended up evening out ;)

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