Monday, September 27, 2010

spinning part 2

Yesterday's spinning class was special because:

1) the people in front of me each brought a carton of skim milk and were drinking that instead of water

2) a man came in a full suit and used his jacket as a sweat towel when he needed it

3) a Chinese woman came in wearing a bikini top that barely covered 1/2 of her massively fake boobs. She was also wearing one of those belly dancing jangle thingies...she stretched, pedaled slowly for 2 minutes, stretched again, and sauntered out.

4) They played a techno Chinese version of "she'll be coming around the mountain."

Other than that, everything here is same-old, same-old. Alison had to work Saturday and Sunday, and I stayed home and did my presentations and worked on a paper. And we're gearing up for a few crazy weeks of adventurous travel.

Hope everyone is well!

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