Thursday, September 2, 2010

getting one-upped

Before I talk about how my younger siblings totally one-upped me on the whole becoming famous situation, I have to tell you about the residency permit application. So, yesterday, Feng (who took us to the exit/entry bureau and bought a bicycle she didn't know how to ride) said with a look of awe on her face that Teacher Wu herself was going to take us to the exit/entry bureau. Today, after we had an awesome meeting about our research projects this year and clinical opportunities that we're going to have (I'll post on those once they're more solidly developed, so sometime in the next week, but basically there are 3 different projects, and each one is superexciting!), Feng goes, "Get ready Teacher Wu's coming soon!" Everyone in the office buckles down and works quietly, like Judgment Day has arrived. A half hour passes without a sound and then, there's a knock on the door, everyone startles like in the movies, the door opens and... walks this incredibly poised, elderly women who is 5 foot 2 tops, and weighs all of 70 pounds. I almost laugh before she stares at me, expressionlessly says, "I hope you are ready to leave?" and turns and walks out the door. Sarah and I had to basically jog to keep up with her and she didn't crack a smile the whole way there. She walks into the government building like she owns the place, marches up to the same desk with the same. exact. paperwork. we had when we were dismissed, and starts talking. She pulls out another stamped letter saying god knows what, her own id, and in 30 seconds, we have submitted our paperwork for our residency handout without any problem. Sarah and I were flabbergasted, and when we thanked her profusely, she said, "Bah! The Chinese government has stupid rules. But I" and then neither of us understood what she said. Basically, if you're ever in trouble in China, call Teacher Wu and she'll save the day.

So back to my siblings one-upping me. So here is the video on youtube of me and Sarah
on the Chinese television (push control and then click the underlined words for those of you who aren't as computer savvy...cough cough mom cough cough). But then, my sister, poopface (you may know her as Jennifer), was interviewed by the New York Times for her work on social media with scholastic book clubs! Pretty awesome. And Blake might not have been featured in the press of late, but he's about to start his senior year at hahvahd, meaning he's juggling writing an honors thesis about affirmative action in sports, applying for the gamut of prestigious internships and jobs, and is still maintaining a full courseload and swimming. If that weren't impressive enough, he's also deciding whether to accept the Argentinian national swim team's invitation to obtain citizenship so he can swim at the Olympics for them. Not a bad few days for the 3 of us :)


  1. Adam...I want your autograph, a star is born!!!

  2. Question: Did y'all videotape the tv and put it on youtube? I think I can hear Alison giggling...
    Adam, you spoke wonderfully about your group....project! No worries :)