Saturday, August 6, 2011

Final Post!

Between Alison starting her orientation Monday and me being in the middle of my sub-internship, it's hard to deny that our year in China is pretty much officially over. We wanted to close this blog by having our last blog post be, indirectly, about those who read it.

We signed up for a website that allowed us to track our visitors, and this is what we learned:

1) Our blog has had 15,147 views since launch! That over 1200 a month, on average. So cool!

2) The three most popular months (September, December, and January) all had 1500+ views! No doubt, getting engaged and having friends and family linked up to our blog to relay the good news likely helped traffic ;)

3) Our top three all-time most popular posts (measured by when people clicked directly on the post instead of going to the blog) are:
Dec.22: We're engaged! (265 views).
Sept 7: Stealing Alison's Post (160 views).
Mar 16: Chengdu: Mt. Emei and monkey madness (108 views)

3) Surprisingly, only 86% of our traffic came from the United States (mostly from AZ, NC, OH, and NY--funny how that works). The rest came from Canada, China (don't ask us how), Ukraine, Russia, Germany and South Africa. How international!

4) 54% of our users came from Mac computers, with another 2% coming from iPhone or iPad. We're related to/know some pretty tech-savvy people ;)

We can't thank you enough for your readership. This blog has been such a fun experience, allowing us share our adventures with those closest to us. We may open a new blog somewhere down the line, but we wanted to "close" this blog like we "closed" the chapter of our 10 months in China.

But, as soon as I click to publish this post, we're going to turn the blog into a photobook, so the next time you visit us, you can thumb through the hard copy and reminisce with us.

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