Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Festivities

Happy long [Easter] weekend to everyone at home! I actually didn't realize Easter was upon us until my school alerted me by bringing me into "Easter planning meetings" all week. Like for all other major western holidays, we had an assembly, complete with games, songs, and performances. 

All of the kids were decked out in bunnies and eggs, which was pretty cute:
 My big class kiddos:
It began with none other than a Clifford the Big Red Dog puppet show, performed by yours truly. I was given a story about a dog celebrating Easter with kids because he likes eggs, as they are the seeds of life. Ummm....ok. It wasn't translated for the kids (they wouldn't have understood it anyway), but they all enjoyed the Clifford puppet.

This was followed by a performance by the Yellow Class, complete with costumes.
It was about an old woman who needed help from animals to pull a tree....I think.

We then played games, all dealing with eggs. The oldest classes carried hardboiled eggs on oversized spoons,
The 2- and 3-year old classes carried and rolled paper-mache balloons,
 and the smallest classes ran with painted, non-hardboiled eggs.

We ended with the April birthday party. The kids were all super excited and adorable in their birthday hats:

They were also all super excited about the birthday cake that the whole school (teachers and kids) share for lunch:
I mean, everyone likes ketchup, ham, and cucumbers on their birthday cakes, right? Well they loved it. Luckily, I'm doing the Chinese/Sephardic version of Passover and eating rice but abstaining from cake and bread. None of this yummy dessert for me!

It's the end of April and this school is still keeping me on my toes! I do love my kids so so so much, and I know I'm going to miss them immensely...(Adam and I have gotten nostalgic as of late. Luckily, it's not over yet!!)

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