Saturday, December 25, 2010

M-erry Chris-tmas!

Hopefully everyone at home is relaxing with family and friends and toasting Santa (does everyone take a shot for Santa, or is that just the Jazzes and Rosenbergs?) Much like in America, Christmas in Beijing has been going on since Thanksgiving; the lights went up immediately and the same exact print of Santa Claus (or Sha la ren, in Mandarin) is on every single window in this city. Adam took a picture of me with a "M-erry Chris-tmas" display near our apartment:
Our Christmas began with talking to both of our families before heading to the Imagine Photography offices to see pictures from our engagement. It was SO MUCH FUN to look through all of them and pick out the ones we like! We were only supposed to get 21 pictures (out of about 300...yeah, ok), but managed to finagle 48 pictures, each in color and black/white, along with a photo book of 21 pictures and two 12 inch framed portraits. We pick up everything on the 8th, so pictures will be forthcoming.

Afterwards, we walked to a Mexican restaurant and enjoyed Christmas margaritas, a first for both of us :) Delicious!

I'll leave you with a picture of my lovely Small International kids doing a song and dance for their parents (how adorable are these kids?!):

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