Thursday, October 28, 2010

A few tidbits:

--Last night our language teacher, Olive, told us that we each have our own learning styles. In her words, Adam is "unstable" because "sometimes he is advanced and other times he fumbles like a beginner," whereas I am "a little slower but much steadier." When we asked which way gets there faster--the Alison-direct-way or the Adam-two-steps-forward-one-step-back way--she said they both work to reach our goal of surviving China! However, not 3 minutes later, Adam interrupted Olive to ask a random question (totally unrelated to learning Mandarin) and she looked me and burst out laughing. Typical :) Bottom line: we're both really enjoying classes and are--gulp--happy that we are taking lessons.

--I find that picture of my eyeball from the previous post kind of creepy. It was taken during a "we've been driving foreeeever" moment en route to Karakul Lake.

--There is a new sign on the 2nd floor bathroom of my school. At first, I thought it was specifically for me--awkward--but turns out that the principal wants the teachers to learn English, so this is how she's going about it. If I were one of the teachers and I saw this sign, I would TOTALLY get it and go downstairs to do my smelly business...

--It has been very cold here since Courtney and Stacy left (come back!), so we've had nearly 2 weeks in thick layers with lots of hot tea. The heat does not turn on city-wide until November 15th! At school we have been given down vests to wear, but it is not a problem for the kids, as they have been wearing long underwear since it was in the 60s.

--Here are some pictures of my "Baby International Class" students, ages 2-4, for your viewing pleasure (taken on a beautiful fall day before all of this cold weather set in!):
Outdoor exercises

Not that I play favorites...but I LOVE Simon
and Andrew!!
Sarah (left) is an absolutely fearless spitfire klutz, while Molly (front) is a girly-girl.
 --A new grocery store opened up by the subway--a foreign-friendly grocery store!!! I'll still get produce from the little market, but this is aaaamazing. I walked through and immediately called Adam because I found cheddar cheese!! He laughed and was like "oh god, that's where your entire salary is going, isn't it?" Um, yes. I'm thrilled.

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